5001 FLAVORS is the brainchild of talented Harlem-born designer, Guy Wood and his business partner Sharene Wood. The duo launched the company after noticing a lack of unique style for many of the artists they had admired in the entertainment industry. Their instincts were right, as a flood of requests for 5001 FLAVORS fashions started pouring in, thanks to a word-of-mouth buzz. In designing for Mariah Carey, Scott Stapp, Timbaland, Hezekiah Walker, Usher, Jadakiss, Raven Symone, N'Sync and even the late great Notorious BIG, 5001 FLAVORS has consistently maintained an impressive clientele list and formidable brand recognition in the music industry. Robin was introduced to Guy Wood by one of his associates. At the time, Robin was working on a (100%recycled) water resistant fabric that Robin created for a bathing suit collection he was designing. Guy recognized Robin's talent and partnered with him for the collection. As they developed the line, they mutually felt that a continued partnership would be widely successful and fulfilling. Since then, they have launched several initiatives and worked on countless projects together.

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Lawrence Pizzi, Toronto native, traveled to Milan to study tailoring at the world renowned Istituto Artistico Del'Abbigliamento Marangoni. After completing his studies, he worked in several major fashion capitals around the world including LA, Toronto, Milano, Shanghai and New York. Just as a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, Lawrence launches his Haute Couture Collection in April 1998. The success of the collection led to dressing divas such as Patti LaBelle, Lauryn Hill, Patti Springsteen, and Liane Foly for stage and privately. Today Lawrence continues to craft clothing that set standards and push limits. He just finished showing his 2011/2012 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. His connection to this project began when he was Robin's professor at F.I.T. in New York City. Lawrence and Robin grew a relationship deeper than professor/student through a mutual respect and admiration for each other's work. They slowly began working on projects outside of the classroom and the results of the collaboration were remarkable. Most recently, Lawrence and Robin built the feather train for a wedding dress featured as the closing piece for his show with Mercedes Benz in September 2011.

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After graduating from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa in 1981 with a major in Theatre Design, Barak moved to New York City intending to become the next big Broadway Designer as so many other ambitious designers. Barak quickly discovered his true passion and talent to be actually making the costumes through his employment at Barbara Matera Ltd. In 1985 he, and late wife Cathy, set-up a costume business in their home called BY BARAK. Today, Barak has moved out of the home studio and into a larger space with a staff of 9 to keep up with the re-orders and new work that now pours in. Most recently, his work has been seen in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows of 2010 and 2011, where his shop created several of the lingerie looks along with making the clothes for musical performers Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Barak and Robin first met working on a neighborhood revitalization project in Jersey City. When Robin discovered what Barak did for a living and realized Barak's most remarkable talents, Robin boldly asked Barak to teach him how to sew. It took some convincing, but Robin swayed Barak. They have since collaborated on several projects including engineering the water resistant fabric for The House of Dancing Water at the City of Dreams in Macau, China, and the LeReve show at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Barak has been a great friend and mentor to Robin.


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