DJ Jove joins the movement

Superstar DJ JOVE is anything short of busy with scripts, meetings, interviews and sponsors – all while keeping his “swag” as he calls it – in full force for his 100k+ followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; fans call it “Jove’in It”.

Many know JOVE from his hundreds of celebrity parties he has spun at including Playboy, Code: Purple Events, iDJ Awards and well known venues such as Webster Hall, Club Deep, Copacabanna as well as his many cameos on TV; MTV’s “Is She Really Going Out with Him?”, Logo TV’s “Setup Squad” and on The Tyra Banks Show, to name but a few. Jove is also the owner of the 2FL Lounge in Brooklyn, NY.

DJ Jove is a mad man. The talent in his body explodes out when he starts spinning. And he’s donated his time and services for The Purple Party happening on July 30th. Get ready to dance, sing, and groove to one of the top DJs in the greater metro area. Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@DJJove) and give him a shout-out for helping out Code: Purple.

On July 30th, we’re throwing The Purple Party to raise money for more Moskeeto Armor. We are celebrating our one-year anniversary for Moskeeto Armor as well as saying farewell before our trip back to Uganda happening the following day! By donating a crisp $20 bill at the door, you can come party with the Code: Purple Event team knowing that you are personally impacting people all over the world by helping to stop malaria.

RSVP today by sending us your guest list to before it closes!

At the eleventh hour…

The Code: Purple Party is right around the corner. The excitement is continuing to build and the word is getting out. Our guest list is growing and we’ve already out grown one after-party location. The last thing to check off on our list of things we needed was prints. We wanted blown-up images of the work we’ve already done in Uganda and of our February fashion show to show people where we’ve been and where we are going.

We leave for Uganda the day twelve hours after the party and will be filming every moment we are awake. We will bring back gut-wrenching footage and still images that will bring smiles to your faces. But once again, we’d still need a company to step up and sponsor the printing.

Thursday started off like any other. T-minus four days before the party and we still had no printing after our original printing sponsor backed out. Our phones start ringing and on the other line is Martha from 989. She had a mutual friend on the line, Dennis from Kitestring, who wanted to sponsor not just one print but four 20×30 prints!

KiteString uses innovative technological solutions in the service of creative to achieve Marketing Relevance. They also have a heart for the fight against malaria and the work of Code: Purple. We are grateful for the generosity of companies like 989 and Kitestring. Without this support, all our work would grind to a halt.

Thank you 989 and Kitestring.

On July 30th, we’re throwing The Purple Party to raise money for more Moskeeto Armor. We are celebrating our one-year anniversary for Moskeeto Armor as well as saying farewell before our trip back to Uganda happening the following day! By donating a crisp $20 bill at the door, you can come party with the Code: Purple Event team knowing that you are personally impacting people all over the world by helping to stop malaria.

RSVP today by sending us your guest list to before it closes!

Another sponsor of Moskeeto Armor

The days fly by here at Code: Purple and we are always blown away by the support and excitement we receive from people we meet. Seen on, CEO of Bug Doctor Termite  & Pest Control, Stuart Aust, has announced that they will be sponsoring 10 Moskeeto Armor Hood-E’s under the Buy 1, Give 1 banner.

CEO and Head Designer, Robin R. Crespo, matched the sponsorship by donating 10 himself and we are excited to bring these Hood-E’s out with us as we travel back to Uganda for three weeks on July 31st. We are beginning the first part of our documentary, 5 on Monday, and look forward to including the Bug Doctor’s contribution into the trip! Thanks Stuart for all you do and have done for us thus far. We look forward to continuing this great friendship and partnership!

Check out the original article here and enjoy the forward progress of Code: Purple.

Want to donate like Stuart too? Email us or go to today to find out how!

Model Montage

Happy 4th of July!

Striped and stared in red, white and blue, we’re all mostly barbecuing, making plans to watch fireworks somewhere, and catching up with our family and friends. The CPE team is also counting down to The Purple Party on Monday, July 30th. Before you know it, we’ll be partying on a weekday again with our other family — you. And the fabulous people we’ve met before and after our launch show. People like the following four models who stomped our runway on the USS Intrepid and who stole our hearts with their love for giving back.

Courtesy of James David | Max Luger | Steadyhand Photography | Essence Magazine, Feb 2012


“I started in the church… When I was 14 I couldn’t even walk down the block without people saying that I should be a model.” An older couple mailed Afiya a newspaper ad to a modeling gig. After booking it she was in, diving head first into what everyone, even strangers, considered her destiny.

When the team met Afiya, we were enamored with her fierce walk and sweet personality. And that face! It came as no surprise that she had landed the beauty section cover in Essence magazine in February — the same month as our show — and with purple nail polish too.

Her personal style? Black pants, boots and hair pulled back — “a model’s uniform.” And for summer this thrift store shopper’s go-to is denim shorts, a white tank and a blazer. “I love blazers, I have every color blazer you can imagine.” For the party, ”I’ll probably do a strong dress and strong heels… I’m 5’11″ so when I put on heels it’s like, who is this girl? You have to make a statement.”

Mentored by photographer Max Luger, Afiya is turning heads with her killer portfolio. Check her out in the August issue of Essence and as a dress model for American Apparel.


Courtesy of All About Models | The Fashion Spot


Meeting Yenny was a scene pulled straight off the big screen. Purposefully strutting towards 5th Avenue to a meeting one day, we spotted Yenny leisurely shopping. Recognizing her face, we braved interrupting her afternoon agenda for a quick chat. Weeks later Yenny graced our runway, becoming part of the CPE family.

In Rio San Juan, a northern town of the island of the Dominican Republic, Yenny was discovered at 17 while doing philanthropic fundraising for children. With a heart for helping others, she loved being a part of the Code Purple Event launch show saying, “I’m glad I was able to participate in an event that has a wonderful cause… to win the fight against malaria.”

She’s bringing her vivacity and gorgeous spirit to our party on the 30th. “I’m really excited because I love parties and I know it’s going to be fun!”



Meeting up to chat and soak up the sun in Bryant Park, Safia was the picture of summer in a kelly green dress and animal print heels. She started in the industry about five years ago, moving to New York from Pennsylvania to pursue her dreams in front of the camera. She doubles as a model and background actress for shows like Royal Pains (USA), Blue Bloods (CBS), and the new 666 Park Avenue (ABC).

What’d she think of the Code Purple Event launch show? “It was awesome. From getting there, working with the hairstylists and make-up artists, seeing a couple of familiar faces… Everything was what I imagined it to be. I think I did about six shows during New York Fashion Week and that was definitely the highlight.” Safia went on to say she was “blown away with the mission and organization as a whole. The fact that [Moskeeto Armor™] has been created and can now protect people in Africa from getting bitten and infected is mind blowing.”

Watch Safia on yesterday’s episode of ABC’s The Revolution with celebrity stylist June Ambrose.



We caught up with Daria in midtown at the International Center for Photography. She’s the muse for Theresa Balderas’ black and white images, centered on the Ukraine model who “juggles a life of two realities.” Daria moved to New York and started modeling at her own whim. Fun fact: her first shoot was actually photographed by a CPE team member.

We ran into Daria during fashion week at Lincoln Center just days before our own show. Embracing and catching up, it was only natural to invite her to walk our runway. She loved Code Purple as an organization, boasting about the four designers featured and our massive audience.

Daria loves an LBD for a red carpet event “and crazy heels… I like to be tall.” Not one to follow trends, she’s planning to break a few wardrobe rules for The Purple Party.

The girls at CPE: Afiya | Yenny | Safia | Daria


Secure your spot at The Purple Party by emailing But don’t wait, our guest list hit a three digit sum just 24 hours after the announcement.


Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for Monday, July 30th! Go ahead, block out the night.

Last summer, a shipment of Moskeeto Armor Hood-E’s landed in Uganda, Africa — the spark that ignited the movement we now call Code: Purple™. Since launching at New York Fashion Week (and, according to the media, shutting it down) we went to work building a 30 country coalition with international Embassies in D.C. We received endorsements and opened conversations about distributing Moskeeto Armor across the world.

Join the CPE team at The Purple Party on July 30th as we celebrate Moskeeto Armor’s one year anniversary in Uganda. We’ll be dancing and celebrating — in style of course — the night before part of our team leaves for Africa to begin filming the documentary 5 on Monday™. Share this incredible moment with us as we commemorate a milestone on a night you won’t forget.

Add your name to the guest list by emailing Details to follow.

The Purple Party

Monday, July 30th


Royal Rendezvous

One of the things we love about purple defining the CPE movement against malaria is that the color represents royalty. Apparently the law of attraction is true, because our circle of royal friends seems to expand by the week. As you know, we recently connected to the Prince of Benin, Mr. Randy A. Sogan Koussou (read here). Our valiant leader, Robin R. Crespo, had the pleasure of sitting to lunch with the Prince – in Paris, France no less. We returned the gesture this week when Prince Koussou flew into New York. After a morning meeting (yup, classified), we sliced through the heat wave to a café in Harlem and spent the evening luxuriating at Harlem Haberdashery. You won’t want to miss details on our royal collaboration. Can’t wait to spill the beans.

The Prince of Benin | Mrs. Shay Wood | Robin R. Crespo

Bernard Barnett | Robin R. Crespo

The Prince of Benin | Crystal B.

For Uganda

21 Voices for Africa
Gia Alissa C. for Uganda


It’s here, day 21, the end of our 21 Voices for Africa blog series. The past three weeks have stirred a wealth of inspiration, moving us in ways we could have never imagined. Yesterday’s return visit to P.S. 34 was the perfect wrap up to this incredible journey, to see the beaming faces of the students that touched our hearts with their selfless fervor. To conclude this riveting series we felt it only appropriate to revert, well, to the beginning. Uganda, the place that started it all…

One year ago, Moskeeto Armor Hood-E’s landed in Uganda, an East African nation of 35 million. The entire population of this landlocked country is at risk for contracting malaria, the leading cause of death in Uganda that poses a year round threat. One in eleven children pass away from the disease before their 5th birthday and such is the fate for nearly half of hospital inpatients of the same age. About 15-20% of admissions at health facilities are malaria related, absorbing financial resources of the nation and its families.

We dedicate this last day to the people of Uganda and to every country we’ve met with in and outside of Africa. You are important to us. Your future matters. We will continue to plow ahead for you because we believe, like Gia, “Moskeeto Armor is going to protect a lot of people from malaria.”

Raise your voice by purchasing a Moskeeto Armor Hood-E™ here.

You Buy 1, We Give 1.  It’s that easy to help protect someone from malaria.

Gia Alissa C. with Robin R. Crespo

For Benin

21 Voices for Africa
The Rapper for Benin


Music glaring in the background, he could tell that this phone call had interrupted an event. Cell phone reception connected these two men, despite the miles and time zones between them. After a few shuffles and gradual fading of the music, the conversation began. On the line, Robin R. Crespo and the Prince of Benin, one in New York and the other in Paris, meeting for the first time via telephone.

That first call led to others, dialogues about classified CPE developments. The two picked up where they left off during a lunch meeting in Paris last week (this time Robin was there), where the Prince’s attire of choice was Moskeeto Armor™. With another meeting on the horizon tomorrow in New York City, it’s hard to keep track of what time it is.

Being a fashion designer is sort of like being a rapper. The challenges and obstacles that separate us from success appearing as an intimidating mountain. You know, one of those creative fields people claim are impossible to penetrate. What differentiates the ones who make it from those that don’t? Persistence, heart, zeal – something we share among the team, with our anonymous writer from P.S. 34’s third grade class, and with the Prince of Benin.

The Republic of Benin is a West African nation, home to about 9.5 million people. One hundred percent of the population is at risk for malaria, the disease that costs the average household about one quarter of their annual income for prevention and treatment. Malaria’s also the culprit behind about 25% of all hospital admissions and 40% of outpatient consultations. It may be a few more posts before we divulge all our discussions with the Prince, but part of the conversation is and will always be protecting Benin’s residents with Moskeeto Armor.

Raise your voice by purchasing a Moskeeto Armor Hood-E™ here.

You Buy 1, We Give 1.  It’s that easy to help protect someone from malaria.

For Namibia

21 Voices for Africa
Surieldys R. for Namibia


Making a difference in the world can start anywhere. On your street, at an elementary school in your borough, at an Embassy hundreds of miles away from home. But it doesn’t stop there. The common thread among world changers is that they share, as Surieldys said, their “heart and words of encouragement”, knowing that the process may extend far beyond their lifetime.

Walking into the conference room at the Embassy of Namibia, we quietly took our seats at  the china settings laid out for morning coffee and tea. There to meet us was the Ambassador, Deputy Chief of Mission and Commercial Counselor – making our a.m. sit down feel quite full and intimate. The Republic of Namibia sits on the Southwest coast of Africa, home to 2.1 million residents. About 67% of the population is reported to live in high transmission areas for malaria while 28% are said to be malaria free. Six percent of deaths among children under age 5 are due to malaria, a smaller mortality rate than other countries we’ve seen. The World Health reported 81,812 cases in 2009, a reduction from previous estimates that nearly 130,000 cases are reported annually by health facilities. Charts show a declining trend in both malaria deaths and hospital admissions, sign that the efforts of NGO’s and government programs have been working.

After playing a few videos and articulating our goals for Moskeeto Armor™, we eased a bit more into our seats. Breaking out sugar and milk for the coffee, we dialogued about ways to collaborate and the other things Robin is creating. That’s the thing about heroes, about dreamers – people who are adamant about helping – they never stop. There is always more to do, another problem to solve, someone else who needs to know that they can believe in themselves and their dreams too.

Raise your voice by purchasing a Moskeeto Armor Hood-E™ here.

You Buy 1, We Give 1.  It’s that easy to help protect someone from malaria.

Surieldys R. with Robin R. Crespo

For Burkina Faso

21 Voices for Africa
Sarah L. for Burkina Faso


It takes real gusto to be a leader. To go out on a limb with the utmost confidence that you, and your team, can accomplish anything. Like inspiring a class to “care for others and to help people”, impressing on the minds of our future leaders that extending a hand to their neighbor, near or far, is part of being great.

Although it was barely noon on a Friday in D.C., we were halfway through our four meeting line up before heading back to New York. Team CPE sat across from the Ambassador and Counselor at the Embassy of Burkina Faso, a land locked country in West Africa. Population is estimated at 16 million, 100% of whom live in high transmission areas for malaria. Charts have shown a plateau in hospital admissions and deaths due to the disease and an upward spike in confirmed cases since 2008. Half of expenditure on anti malaria strategies is allocated for medicine. And for children under age 5, who Sarah calls our future, malaria is responsible for 28% of their deaths.

Leaving our meeting and off to state our case to the next country, we couldn’t shake the sense of urgency. Standing toe to toe with a giant like malaria, we intend to muster all our strength and purple mosquito repellent fabric to triumph victoriously.

Raise your voice by purchasing a Moskeeto Armor Hood-E™ here.

You Buy 1, We Give 1.  It’s that easy to help protect someone from malaria.

Sarah L. with Robin R. Crespo